Linkedin rolls out a new background photo feature

The new feature from Linkedin: Profile background photo
linkedin rolls background feature

Unlike many other Social platforms, linkedin has had one of the most generic backgrounds. Not only has it been boring but static without any ability to change it whatsoever. The good news is that Linked in has rolled out the ability to change the backgrounds. The new feature allows the user to create a Linkedin background of choice creating a more interesting exchange forum. The feature has begun with the premium account holder but also being released to the public soon.

The facelift is in the bid to create a more versatile business forum allowing the winners to personalize their accounts. The option comes with some suggested images. These may not be very suitable for you thanks to the generic nature. If you have looked at preset images that come with most background control enabled platforms you will get the idea. This is unless you prefer to have bubbles and balloons as your background! The uniqueness of a profile will be determined by the background one sets.

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