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The wheels are in motion and transformation has begun. LinkedIn has come up with a marvelous feature by which you can give a customized touch to your profile just in minutes. The feature allows you to add a background image. Until few months ago, these LinkedIn background photos were available to its Premium members only. But the good news is that it can now be used by all freebies in LinkedIn.

Over the years, LinkedIn has provided steady assistance in creating your profile your online branding platform. This new profile cover feature is another milestone in customization strategy. To help your business stand out of the crowd, think of a unique background image that describes what you do like a brand logo, images of products or services that you sell etc. LinkedIn says – “Just upload an image that reflects your passions, projects, or inspiration and show people what you’re about.” So, use this feature wisely and stand out in a community of more than 300 million users!

How Can You Be Benefitted?

  • Give a facelift to your profile

Although, LinkedIn is a professional networking site and members here mostly talk about businesses. But, that doesn’t mean it has to be all boring. Use customized background images which reflect your passion and add colors to your profile. Till now, LinkedIn used to look dull as compared to Facebook, Twitter or Google +. But now this business rich social site will go hand in hand with other social platforms.

  • It has responsive background image feature

Being responsive, the image can expand and shrink depending on the screen size. Thus, whether a smart phone or laptop, if you position the image properly, viewers can see it clearly. But you should be careful while placing the logo or important message.

  • Let the world know your brand

Brand logo can be a great promotional tool. If you are a self employer, you can customize the background image with your company’s logo and tagline. Then upload it as your profile background image. This visual impact will help employers to recognize your brand more quickly and easily when they see it next time somewhere else.

  • Flatter the creative You

If you are a writer or artist, you can upload a self created write up or painting. This way, people will know your talent just by looking your profile at a glance, even if they do not have time to go deep into it.

  • LinkedIn offers predefined background picture collection

For those who do not have or want to use customized photos, LinkedIn has made task easier. Its Premium gallery has numerous readymade photos which exactly fit into the background without blurring or stretching. This means, only Premium account holders will have access to this readymade image library.  But here at we offer all linkedin users a free high quality selection of linkedin background photos.

When personalizing LinkedIn profile, LinkedIn provides background images for one to personalize their LinkedIn profile but this means that many other people will also be using the same image to personalize their LinkedIn profiles and thus you will not be unique. To personalize your LinkedIn profile image follow the following steps;

1. Go to your LinkedIn Profile and select edit profile
2. On the right side of your profile name is a pencil that allows you to edit your LinkedIn profile. Select the premium profile option.
3. The default background image will then appear.
4. Go to edit button and edit background option will appear in the middle of the background.
5. You will get an option to choose one of the LinkedIn images or upload you own personalized LinkedIn image.
6. To get you personalized LinkedIn background image click on upload to load your preferred image.

If you opt to use your own personalized LinkedIn profile image to personalize your LinkedIn profile, choose an image that can be cropped to 1400 x 425pixels. You need to choose the image you to want to personalize your LinkedIn profile with a lot of consideration as it will vary in size depending on the screen size of the device used to view it. With a smaller screen size the most important features of your personalized LinkedIn profile image like your company logo may be left out.

Linkedin has introduced a new feature to add a background photo to your Linkedin profile page. By this way you can personlize your Linkedin profile to attract more attention and distinguish your professional profile. The background photo will apear at top of your profile page. This feature was at first only available for premium users, but it is now available to all Linkedin users.

Background images must be:

File extensions: JPG, GIF or PNG
Not bigger than: 4MB.
Pixel dimensions: between 1000 X 425 and 4000 X 4000

In order to keep the images quality it is important to use correct image dimensions. Therefore we have scaled all of our background photos to the most optimized size and qulity.


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