Dominik-Ras-New-LinkedIn-Profile-1Tired of your old, dull, and particularly boring Linkedin profile? Fear not, because thanks to Linkedin’s new and awesome feature, it’s users can now add a background photo to their professional portfolio. There’s nothing like a cute cat or funny puppy in your background to say “I may be a professional but I can loosen my tie every now and again!” Or better yet for those users who want to show a little class, some great color schemes to spice up a Linkedin profile could do wonders in making that oh-so-important first impression.

Linkedin background photo is a real life saver. Who wants to have a cookie-cutter profile anyways? Nobody that’s who. The limits to your Linkedin profile are now only as far as your imagination can take you. Personalization is especially important when it comes to differentiating yourself from everyone else in the workforce. Communicating the right message and impression has never been easier on Linkedin all because of the new Linkedin background photo feature.

Start downloading high quality Linkedin background photos and get more attention to your profile!.

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